Friday, September 14, 2012


Here are the blue and white cupcakes.  I made lavendar with a violet, and light blue with a white rosebud as well.  Forgot to shoot them with the i-Phone...

Megan's Wedding Cake

My friend Susan's daughter Megan got married last weekend.  In lieu of a gift I made her a small wedding cake and 150 cupcakes for her reception guests.  They chose a heritage red velvet cake for the cupcakes and the bottom tier of the cake.  The top cake is cheesecake!  I haven't decorated cakes in a while, so I prototyped the week before and I was all "caked" out come Saturday afternoon.  My daughter stole about a dozen cupcakes and stopped eating her meals until I discovered all the empty wrappers under her bed.

This is the cake before transport to the church for final decoration with the topper.  I slightly modified and adapted Sprinklebakes Heritage Red Velvet recipe for the cupcakes and the two 12" red velvet cakes on the bottom of this wedding cake.  Thank you Heather Baird!