Friday, September 14, 2012


Here are the blue and white cupcakes.  I made lavendar with a violet, and light blue with a white rosebud as well.  Forgot to shoot them with the i-Phone...

Megan's Wedding Cake

My friend Susan's daughter Megan got married last weekend.  In lieu of a gift I made her a small wedding cake and 150 cupcakes for her reception guests.  They chose a heritage red velvet cake for the cupcakes and the bottom tier of the cake.  The top cake is cheesecake!  I haven't decorated cakes in a while, so I prototyped the week before and I was all "caked" out come Saturday afternoon.  My daughter stole about a dozen cupcakes and stopped eating her meals until I discovered all the empty wrappers under her bed.

This is the cake before transport to the church for final decoration with the topper.  I slightly modified and adapted Sprinklebakes Heritage Red Velvet recipe for the cupcakes and the two 12" red velvet cakes on the bottom of this wedding cake.  Thank you Heather Baird!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Monogrammed Pillows

Snug as a Bug Diaper Bag, Bunting and Sacque

Crazy Patch & In the Hoop Smocking Christmas Stockings

Christening Dresses

Madeira Applique Hem - 1st Birthday Dress & Slip

Big Summer Quilt

The diamond squares are appliequed on an embroidery machine.

In the Hoop Projects - For a Baby Boy

In the Hoop Projects for a Baby Girl

Safari Applique Blanket and Sacque

This is done on knit fabric and  the detailing is done in applique.  The beading is hand sewn with embroidery floss.

Circle of Chicks - Shadow Embroidery

Diaper Shirt and Cover

This has a mock collar and embroidered bunny on the front tuck.

Rose Trellis Day Gown

This can be made in a christening gown length with a slip as well.

Martha Pullen Sewing For Baby Projects

I attended a Martha Pullen Sewing for Baby Teacher Licensing Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama.  It was amazing!  I am posting photos of the projects we did, and which I can now teach.  Regardless of sewing skill, these are doable if you have the desire to learn.  This onesie dress with detachable skirt is so cute!  It has ruffles on the bottom!