Saturday, October 08, 2011

THE Mom Project

Mother's Birthday was in August. Not that it matters, we seem to throw random birthday parties in our family, but I tried to stick to the date for this one since it was her 65th. I based this project on a DIY Bride blog project in which a photo was decoupaged to a tile and displayed on a plate stand. It was beautiful! However, when you have as many children and grandchildren as my mother, you have to downsize the tiles and change plans a bit. The challenge for me was rounding up baby photos of everyone between the ages of 3 months and 3 years going back 45 years, scanning them, Photoshopping out all the errors, grayscaling, cropping, resizing them to fit the tiles and then doing the decoupage. In the end, I think it came out pretty nice. I used silicone tile glue to put navy felt on the back of each tile. I'm the really gorgeous baby up in the corner and my kid is the baby you can barely see up on top! I must have hit the mark. All of my siblings have been calling asking for their own tile set. Now at least I know what to do for Christmas gifts this year. Think anyone will let me off the hook for chocolates? NOT A CHANCE!

What are you thinking?

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in that little head! I get looks like this and I have to smile within - there is some unknown food substance around the mouth, hair has been combed with egg beaters and I am fixed with a look such as this! What does it all mean?

Apron Mania

My friend Sheila has been coming over to sew. Here is an apron we finished last night. The pattern is Venetian Vacation from "The Perfect Apron" by Rob Merrett. She had made the Sweetie Pie apron for her grand daughter from the same book, and decided to make this one for her daughter in law. Sheila is an artist in heart and soul. I love the fabrics she selected. Am I a good coach or what!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Booties for the Twins

Ducks and Sailboats are a good theme if you are having twin boys. Here are the sailboat booties. I'm still sewing the lining into the duck booties to match the pacifier clip.

Paci Clips

I made these for a friend who is having twins this month. With one baby a dropped pacifier is no big deal. With two playing pick up will be a pain.

Princesses & Frogs

Here is a quilt I made for Addison Elaine Kidd. I figure all new babies need a gift made from the heart, so I made her a quilt. I love this theme. Princesses just might have to love a few frogs in their lifetimes, they might as well be cute!